Potter's Inn

In 2000, Potter’s Inn was established by Steve and Gwen Smith with focus on care of the soul–to help usher individuals into an understanding of their own lives, personal histories and journeys as they search to find the great love of God. Potter’s Inn seeks to help shepherd people into a place of understanding how the small story of our individual lives is woven together with the larger story of God’s love for us and the ultimate design for us as children of God.

Steve and Gwen had begun to realize that those who serve in vocational ministry or cross-cultural missions endeavors face significant and special issues while walking the tightrope between caring for themselves and caring for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of others. Those who lead in the marketplace know well the tensions between seeking profitability, efficiency and growth and the deeper vision, purposes and values that drive much of their heart. Today we find many leaders exhausted and disillusioned about their life, faith and vocation.

Potter’s Inn offers a safe haven of rest for individuals who need healing and restoration. 

The Soul Care Institute

After co-founding Potter's Inn, Steve and Gwen realized the need for a training program that would help empower these leaders to care for themselves fully before reaching the point of burnout. The Soul Care Institute was born out of that need and is a resource to train and equip leaders to extend hope, care and well-being to a needy world in both the spheres of ministry and the marketplace. 

In 2014, Steve and Gwen approached Joe Walters, Dean of Spiritual Formation at Colorado Christian University, to take on the task of crafting and developing the Institute. Joe now serves as the executive director of The Soul Care Institute.

The Institute is open to marketplace leaders and ministry leaders alike. We feel an urgency to reach community leaders who have grown tired and weary. Those leaders once set out to change the world. They have poured their hearts into their ministries. Their work has been full of courageous passion. But somewhere along the way, they lost a part of their soul. We exist to help them rediscover it.