Upon completion of the full two-year experience (attendance at all 6 retreats, required reading and assigned papers), you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion in Soul Care from Potter’s Inn.

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You will also be eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion from the Lowell W. Berry Center for Lifelong Learning at Fuller Theological Seminary.

If you are considering a doctoral degree, you will have the opportunity to partner with Fuller Theological Seminary. Through the institute, you can earn 4-8 academic credits towards a DMIN degree. Additional course work and tuition fees for Fuller will be required.

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Western Theological Seminary is an evangelical and ecumenical community of faith and learning in the Reformed tradition that serves the church of Jesus Christ. In covenant with the Reformed Church in America, it prepares men and women for Christ-centered, biblically based, theologically integrated, culturally sensitive, mission-oriented Christian leadership in an effort to fulfill its mission to prepare Christians called by God to lead the church in mission.

Western Theological Seminary Graduate Certificate:

After completing the full two-year SCI experience (all six retreats, required reading and assigned papers), SCI students are eligible to apply for and earn a Graduate Certificate in Pastoral Ministry (GCPM) from WTS with a concentration in Soul Care. You will get a head start on earning this 24 credit hour certificate by receiving 9 credit hours for your work at SCI.


After you complete the GCPM, if you wish to continue your studies, you may apply all 24 credit hours earned toward a Master of Arts (48 credit hrs) or Master of Divinity (96 credit hrs) with WTS.

To apply for the Graduate Certificate in Pastoral Ministry (GCPM):

1. Request your transcript from the Soul Care Institute

2. Apply to WTS at www.westernsem.edu/admissions

3. When accepted, you will earn 9 credits for your SCI courses. Because SCI courses are not formally accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS), so you will be charged by WTS a transcription fee of $675.

Courses will be taken online, although one course will include a 1-week intensive held on the WTS campus in Holland, Michigan. SCI students qualify for a 25% reduction in the tuition rate (currently $458 per credit hour, subject to change).