Our curriculum is broken up into six themes. The six themes will be taught during the six retreats in the order that is most appropriate for each cohort. The general themes can be explored below. 

Theme 1


A comprehensive overview of caring for the soul using historical, theological and practical insights to aid in a practice of soul care.

  • Overview of the two-year experience

  • What is soul care and how do we care for the soul?

  • Surveying ancient models of soul care

  • Understanding the Jesus Way; developing a rhythm for life

  • Exploring the tools for soul care; classical spiritual exercises used in soul care

  • Soul friends; the role of community and spiritual friendship


Theme 2

exploring soul identity through the enneagram

The journey of transformation with the Enneagram.

  • A deep look into the Enneagram

  • Understanding our instinctual, emotional and intellectual center

  • Introduction into the True Self-False Self dynamic

  • Discovering a “Self to Lose and a Self to Find"

  • Encouraging the Real You in work and ministry


Theme 3

Soul Care as a catalyst for transformation

Understanding the transformation process; how change happens in one’s life.

  • How does a person really change?

  • Spiritual growth vs. inner change

  • How is the soul renovated? Understanding the process

  • Practices that create the climate for transformation

  • Investigating illusions of how people change

  • The role of the Holy Spirit

  • Exploring common obstacles to transformation


Theme 4

becoming who you are

The movement from image management to our core identity as the beloved of God.

  • The deeper journey into exploring the True Self-False Self dynamics of the soul

  • Choosing to become the Real You

  • Being and becoming the Beloved

  • Mapping the journey

  • Understanding the importance of limits and capacity


Theme 5

Critical Issues in Offering Care of the Soul

Exploring the critical issues the soul encounters as we live on this side of heaven

  • Evil, suffering and pain—exploring the unholy trinity

  • Understanding the importance of lament in the care of your soul

  • Sexuality and brokenness

  • The body-soul connection

  • Brokenness, disillusionment (shattered dreams) and despair

  • Hot topics and soul care


Theme 6

Integrating the Care of Your Soul with the World

Incorporating the Care of Your Soul with Living Care-Fully in a Care-Less World

  • The active contemplative

  • Discerning your true vocation and calling

  • Developing a manual/field guide for life and work

  • Developing your rule of life

  • When spirituality collides with reality

  • Exploring the intersection of soul and world

  • Engaging the great needs of today with your soul’s delight

  • For the sake of others—helping others

As a professor of soul care at a seminary I am a firm believer in the value of formal theological education, but the Soul Care Institute can provide a kind of formation and training that is even beyond the scope of a seminary. Its core values of beauty, intimacy, and adventure distinguish the Soul Care Institute as a unique opportunity to learn and grow in the ancient Christian art of the care of souls.
— Howard Baker, Assistant Professor of Christian Formation, Denver Seminary