A letter to you

 from Joe Walters, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR:

When surveying the landscape and mining the data surrounding what is happening to people in positions of spiritual leadership, two things become apparent. The first is the ever-increasing reports of leaders imploding and struggling through moral failures with fewer and fewer of these leaders staying at their posts for a lifetime of service. But the second observation may be the sadder one. We no longer find it shocking, appalling or even discouraging that this happens. We have heard so many reports of leadership crashes that we have become dull to the virtual epidemic that surrounds us.  

Upon deeper reflection and examination, we could come up with a laundry list of reasons why there is such a crisis in leadership today. Gordon MacDonald, in his recent book, Building Below the Waterline, may have discovered ground zero. He recounts the story of the Brooklyn Bridge being built. During the first four years, the citizens saw no progress being made. Where was the bridge they had been promised? Chief Engineer, Washington Roebling, gave an answer that was both timeless and epic. He shared with the people the importance of building below the waterline. Though they could not see it, daring construction workers were putting their lives at risk to do the hard work of building the foundation. He said that if this important work was not done with excellence below the waterline, what was built above the waterline would never stand the test of time

Far too many ministries, churches, mission agencies and marketplace leaders have spent the majority of their time building above the waterline. They are building wonderful “bridges” of ministries and businesses but have forgotten the most important and strategic work, the foundation that lies below the waterline. It is here, below the waterline, where the Soul Care Institute will provide the essential training, experiences and resources needed for you to do this daring and courageous work. The Soul Care Institute will teach you how to create a sustainable rhythm of following Jesus and being able to lead others in that rhythm. Once you have been trained in this foundational work, the work above the waterline will not only stand the test of time, but you won’t lose your soul in the process.

Are you ready to shift your focus from above the waterline to below the waterline?


I walk on a treadmill every morning for the care of my body. The care of my soul demands even more attention. Soul Care Institute restores and re-creates health so I move from just living to being alive.
— Bill Slater, Senior Pastor, NC