Soul Care Institute News - July 2018

Just as Potter’s Inn has seen some changes in recent days, the Institute is going through some changes as well. We would like to officially welcome Anne Broyles to our team! Anne is a graduate of Cohort two who has a heart for retreat ministry – and especially the Institute. Anne is going to be stepping into the position of Assistant Program Director. She will be helping getting retreats organized, staying in touch with alum, acting as liaison between professors, students and retreat centers and oh-so-much more that comes along with running a retreat.

Part of the reason Anne is stepping in is that in a few months time, I (Lindsey), will be stepping away – at least for awhile. As most of you know, we have two adopted kiddos. We will be adding #3 to the mix in November. As of the beginning of July, I am about halfway through my pregnancy. So far, it has been a healthy and somewhat uneventful pregnancy. I would love it if you would pray for us when you think of it, though! After the baby arrives and we all get settled in, we will reevaluate the needs of the Institute to see where I will best fit at that time.

Our cohorts are growing as well. Cohorts 3 and 4 continue to grow in depth. They are learning and being transformed with each retreat. Cohort 3 will be attending their fifth retreat in September and Cohort 4 will have their fourth in October. Cohorts 5 & 6 continue to grow in size as we accept more students into them every day (help spread the word!). Additionally, we are hoping to launch Cohort 7 in 2019. Joe and June will be traveling to the Great Lakes region this summer to scout out potential retreat centers. We will continue to keep you updated on that!

We would love to hear what is new with you as well, and to add it into our future newsletters for other alum to follow. Feel free to email us anytime to let us know what is new with you!