Alumni Connections

Those in my Cohort know some of my story that brought me to seek soul care and how God led me to Potter’s Inn and various soul care experiences including the two-year institute.   In 2014 facing anxieties and deep concerns related to family and my work/ministry, I burned out.  Having walked with Christ for many years, I thought I knew what to do.   I really did not.  Little did I realize a lack of understanding of who I really am in Christ was the answer I needed.   Now, after the experience with the Cohort, it is interesting and still challenging, and sometimes painful, that matters with family and work/ministry still exist in various forms.   However, I continually cling to the truth that I am beloved by the God of the universe, and the deeper sense of relationship I have with Him through Jesus Christ not only sustains me daily, but has deepened my faith to be able to wait for the Lord’s ultimate will in these issues to be revealed.  
- Frank Drinkard, Cohort 2

Since my final cohort retreat I’ve been establishing a ministry called The Center for Contemplative Living  The vision for the ministry came from my experience with SCI, which not only transformed my life, but motivated me to share with others this new-found life in Contemplative Living that began by reading “Centering Prayer and Inner Awakenings.”  I have since become a Contemplative Outreach Chapter Coordinator for Central North Carolina and I’m in process of becoming a “Commissioned Presenter.”  I recently completed my 3rd of 5 Residencies with LTi’s Selah-Spiritual Direction Training Program.  I have offered the “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality” course and will be facilitating a Growth Series Group using “Mirror for the Soul:  A Christian Guide to the Enneagram” beginning July 5th for 6 weeks.   My SCI listening group is now meeting monthly via “Zoom” calls to keep in touch, support and continue growing together.
- Tom Benson, Cohort 1

Life after SCI:  Soul Care Incredible!
I'm still in a physical rhythm of getting ready for CO, but that's OK, because our first grandchild will be born soon in Denver! Road Trips!
My ministry at NessDoor (the cottage next door to us in Midland) is in full swing, doing day retreats with an art expression component. I’m entertaining taking retreats on the road. (Check out website: Jody and I have led Soul Care 101 at church. I've added a NessDoor Facebook page, (let me know if you want to join) where I repost significant quotes and thoughts on caring for the soul, including links to dealing with grief.  In the last 5 years we have had our share of loss, so sharing what I'm learning about great grief seems appropriate.
Along with great loss we will soon have this great JOY:  a precious granddaughter to behold!!!!  
Miss you all!!
-Jenness Giles, Cohort 2