Experience a pilgrimage into the depths of your own soul.

Travel with a cohort on a journey filled with beauty, adventure and intimacy. Explore a relationship with your Creator that is full of both wonder and wildness.


Discover what your soul has been longing for.


The Soul Care Institute is a two-year journey of a group of peers. Over the course of two years, students will "come away from the front lines" of their ministries, work, and family life in order to engage in true retreat that is designed to re-fill their souls. This will happen 6 times (approximately once every four months). Each retreat will be filled with wisdom from experienced teachers, time to recover the stillness the soul seeks, and encouragement from spiritual directors and peers.

Between Retreats

Between retreats, students are given a reading list and engaging activities to help facilitate continued growth. We offer students the information and experience that leads to transformation. What we teach is not new. Great Christian leaders have been engaging in these practices for ages. Our students will learn to walk these ancient paths themselves, just as the great mothers and fathers of our faith have done. 

Going Deeper as a leader

By the end of the two years, students will be prepared to care for their own souls, as well the souls of others. They will be the leaders in their communities who are not afraid to go deep, encouraging others to press further up and further in. They will have learned how to build below the water line in their own lives.

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The Soul Care Institute has not only awakened me to the desperate need of my own soul to find rest in rhythm in the way of Jesus, but also to transformational power this reality can have in each domain of my life.
— Rachel Reed, FORGE Director of Equipping, CO