The Soul Care Institute exists to help people rediscover their hearts. 

We feel an urgency to reach community leaders who have grown tired and weary. Those leaders once set out to change the world. They have poured their hearts into their ministries. Their work in the marketplace has been full of courageous passion.

But somewhere along the way, they lost a part of their soul.

Somewhere along the way, you may have lost a part of your soul.
We exist to help you rediscover it.

Living in a frenzied, chaotic world; our souls are under constant siege. Worse still, most people don’t know what their soul is or how to keep it healthy. The Potter’s Inn Soul Care Institute addresses this reality head-on, by equipping individuals to understand the delicate nature of the human soul and how to nurture and sustain it.
— Fil Anderson, Executive Director: Journey Resources, author, speaker, spiritual director