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Hear from alumni who have experienced the transformative power of soul care.

“The Soul Care Institute changed my life in a dramatic way by teaching me how to have true intimacy with Jesus. I always knew there should be more but didn’t know how to get there. It was the “how” for me. It’s a deeper level of knowing that I was never exposed to in a lifetime as a believer. I will be forever grateful. ”

Sally Miller

“I’m not the same person that I was when I started the Soul Care Institute. I’ve learned to ask myself questions for the sake of my soul so I don’t revert back to who I was before - a stressed out, making everybody miserable, business owner, mom, and wife. I see people differently now, as image-bearers of God, his beloved. This shift in perspective has changed how I love, listen, and care for those in my home, workplace, and community.”

Tammy Magaldi


“To be able to unplug, turn my phone off, and spend time hearing from Jesus was infinitely restorative for my soul!!!”

Karin Harper

Grow Senior Director at Woodmen Valley Chapel

“My time in the Soul Care Institute has been deeply meaningful in my spiritual formation. I've made so many new friends who are on the same journey. I've never felt so welcome and loved in any group.”

Sean Nemecek

Regional Director of Partners in Pastoral Renewal Ministries

“I am significantly different than I was when I joined Cohort 4. The Soul Care Institute launched me into a journey of becoming a less compulsive caregiver, tending to my own soul more.  I have gained a healthier approach to life and ministry. I now move at a pace that allows me to not neglect my soul-restoring fly fishing outings! It has been deeply encouraging to see the fruit of my time in the Soul Care Institute seep into our church and impact others and their intimacy with Jesus.”

Matt Guzi


“Thank you for investing in helping equip others to see/hear/touch/experience their belovedness. I am so relieved that the Soul Care Institute is not like the download of information I have been so accustomed to, this is life-changing.”

Angela Amick

Nurse Educator

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Making a difference

"The model of the Institute reflects the truest approach I've ever seen to match the way God has created our souls for life here and in eternity."  — Duane Hammack

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“Attending the Soul Care Institute has been one of the best choices I have ever made in my life.”

Renny Bailey

Retired Pastor

"The Soul Care Institute helped me begin to find my way back to me - my true self."

Erik Sundquist

CEO, Safe Harbor

“As our first retreat was coming to an end, I felt a deep sense of belonging, encouragement, refreshment and hope. The Soul Care Institute has been a hospital for my soul.”

Mark P. Fisher

Chief Encourager of Inspiring Growth

“I have experienced a life-changing approach to learning and applying spiritual disciplines. Reading The Divine Hours daily with Lisa has been transformational for our prayer time and marriage.”

Wayde Peronto


“Participating in the Soul Care Institute was nothing short of enlightening for me. It introduced me to a realm that is both profoundly real and decidedly counter-cultural. Had I not taken the journey firsthand, I believe I'd still be grasping at fragments of the wholeness I now understand as my true-self. It was an eye-opening experience that has reshaped my understanding of what truly matters as well as the world around me.”

Mike Rowe

Business Consultant

"The Soul Care Institute provides physical space, relational space and time-space for me to pay attention to God. Like the old hymn says, Be still, my soul; the Lord is on thy side. I can’t recommend this sacred space highly enough."

Joe Chambers

Senior Pastor, CO

"The Soul Care Institute has not only awakened me to the desperate need of my own soul to find rest in rhythm in the way of Jesus, but also to transformational power this reality can have in each domain of my life."

Rachel Reed

Spiritual Director

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